What is Bout?

Bout is a platform that centralizes the captained water transportation services into one location. It makes it easy for customers to find and book the perfect watercraft for their needs. Bout connects the passengers with companies providing water transportation services.

Are the boats and captains on Bout vetted for safety and quality?

To be able to provide services through the platform, the captain needs to fulfill all legal requirements. The requirements are the same for ordering boatrides anywhere and we do as much as we can to ensure passengers get the best possible experience. We also use ratings for both Passengers and Captains to ensure that users who act inappropriately are not able to use the service.

How much does a boatride cost? 

With the mobile app, you can order boatrides between different pickup and drop off points. Pricing is affected by the prevailing local supply. The app automatically calculates the price based on the distance traveled and the size of the boat. As a customer, you always see the price in advance before accepting the ride. Boat trips and experiences ordered through the Book a Cruise -form of the website are priced separately. You will receive an offer once we have found a suitable service provider for you!

Where are you operating?

You can find the areas where the ride-service is active from the front page. If you can't find the area you are looking for you can also make a trip request at https://cruise.bout.fi/ . Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to find a suitable service provider to fulfill your needs anywhere!