'Bout us

So, what is it that we do?

Put simply, Bout connects people seeking boat rides with people that provide them.
It could be a quick ride from one place to another, or a day-long cruise in the archipelago. If you want to travel on water, then Bout is the right service for you. As you may have seen or guessed, we make it all possible via our mobile application. It’s similar to a taxi or a ride-share app, but it’s more than that. 

Mobility-as-a-Service, as people in the industry call it.

You may use Bout as:

  • A user wanting to book a boat ride or looking to organise a tailored cruise.

  • A service provider wishing to reach and get more customers.

  • A boat owner looking for an extra income as a captain.

Maritime transportation is highly fragmented, not only in Finland where we mostly operate at the time. We provide a platform that brings together the multiple operators and boat owners, making maritime destinations accessible for everyone. This brings us to our ‘why’.

.. and why do we do it?

We come from the land of a thousand lakes, where also the archipelago is one of a kind. We love the sea and the coastal lifestyle. Therefore, we want to make the sea, the lakes, the rivers, the maritime locations accessible for everyone - not just for those who own a boat.

Many maritime cities have excellent services, but they are difficult to find. By using modern platform technologies and logics, our aim is to help current and future service providers find customers and sell their services through one single app. Ultimately, we want to make it simple for locals and tourists alike to enjoy being out in the water. 

But, we don’t stop here.

We at Bout see ourselves as innovators and disruptors of the waterways. Our mission is to increase and improve the mobility of people in maritime cities by centralizing the local maritime transportation supply. At the same time, we’re bringing the industry to the 21st century. 

It's 'bout time, don't you think? (pun intended)